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What's the goal of Confidence project?

The goal is to inspire people to build thier own confidence.

Confidence is knowing yourself and doing you.

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How can you inspire confidence?

By creating pictures that get attention and tell inspiring messages.

Edgy, seductive and stylish pictures get attention.

Stories and messages inspire change.

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How to create looks that get attention?

Think of the look that is the opposite to what you normally see in the everyday life.

Edgy, fierce, seductive and stylish look.

The outdoor outfit ideas are: warm fur coat, leather jacket or a trench coat. Underneath that: lace lingerie, bodysuits, sheer tops, deep v neck crop tops. Or a full length zipper mini dress. Combine it with skinny jeans, loose skirts, fishnet stockings, high heels or knee high boots.

No patterns. Only solid colours, excluding yellow and green.

The signature item of the style is mirrored sunglasses.

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Where and when?

The photoshoot will take place outdoor in Central London, near St.Paul's during one of the weekend days between 10AM and 4PM. Photoshoot length is 2 hours.

You must be 18+ to apply.

You will need to bring your own outfits and do your own makeup. I will provide mirrored sunglasses.

This is an unpaid collaboration. No expenses are covered.

After the photoshoot you will receive up to 15 photos within 15 days to your email address that you can use for your portfolio and social media. No watermarks. Max image resolution is 2500px.

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Who will be your photographer?


My name is Art (true story) - I am a professional women's photographer based in London. With over 5 years of experience in photographing women I've developed a sense of style, elegance, sensuality and passion for exploring and documenting feminine beauty.

I will teach you the essential posing techniques, advise you on clothing, hair and makeup style, and direct and guide you through the entire Confidence photoshoot experience.

I will help you to stand out from everyone else with a distinct confident look and feel.

I speak English and Russian.

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Would you like to create?

Discover the confident side of you!